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GTA: San Andreas Liberty City is a mod for the mythical GTA: San Andreas whose objective is to turn the city upside down to turn it into nothing more or less than the original GTA III, and the first of the saga to be in 3D... one that brings back so many memories.

So, once you install this modification, you can do tons of things that in the day you weren’t able to do but now can with San Andreas, such as swim, climb, fly a jetpack, go to restaurants and eat food, or change clothes.

Morover, although it’s not especially noteworthy, different graphic improvements have been added that make the game much more enjoyable today. Among them is the new shadow system, which adds a whole new depth to the graphic design.

GTA: San Andreas Liberty City is a brilliant mod for San Andreas, as it will allow you to enjoy practically an entirely new game with one of the most charismatic protagonists of the franchise and a completely new city.
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